Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions & Financial Aid

  • Q: Can my son or daughter apply online?
    A: Yes. Prospective students can begin the application process and apply online by visiting the university home page. A link exists in the middle section of the home page for online application.
  • Q: What is the current tuition cost at LeTourneau?
    A: By visiting the Financial Aid section of our website you will uncover some great information to help you in the planning process. A list of the university's tuition and fees is included.
  • Q: Can I complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application online?
    A: Yes. In the Financial Aid section of the website is a link to the federal student aid site and directions for completing your application online. Click here and reference step #3.


Student Activities

  • Q: What kind of activities exist on campus for my student to be involved in?
    A: There are dozens of student organizations on the campus of LeTourneau University that organize and hold a variety of events throughout the school year. In addition, intramural sports are very popular with our students and we have a total of 13 varsity sports teams that have games on the campus throughout the year. The student-led Yellow Jacket Activities Council (YAC) organizes and hosts events throughout the year including mystery bus trips, the Yellow Jacket Film Festival, and AcoustiCafe.
  • Q: How can I find out who is speaking in the chapel services?
    A: You can view and also listen to select chapel services through the university website. The university chaplain provides a diverse schedule each semester of visiting leaders and teachers in addition to our own faculty, staff and administration.



  • Q: Where can I find directions to campus and a list of hotels in the area where I can stay?
    A: You can access directions to campus and a list of available hotels here.
  • Q: How can I gain access to my student's academic records?
    A: The university provides a downloadable form that must be completed and returned to the university before we can release educational record information to persons other than the enrolled student. Directions for completing and returning the form are included.
  • Q: I need to know when my student will be out of class for holidays and spring/summer break. Is there a list of those dates on the website?
    A: The university's academic calendar is a great resource for you to know when holidays and breaks are scheduled for, as well as academically related deadlines. You can also see a few semesters beyond our current one so that you can arrange any long term family plans.


Questions? Contact

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Assistant to the Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

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