Locations and Classes

You can take LeTourneau University's dual credit classes at the following locations:

Faith West Academy

2225 Porter Rd
Katy, TX  77493
Kim Derry


Fall 2015 Courses

English Composition I

A study of rhetoric and effective writing processes. Emphasis on expository and evaluative writing. (3 credits)


Gladewater High School

2201 W. Gay Avenue
Gladewater, TX  75647
Dawn Kirkindoll
903-845-5591 x507

Fall 2015 Courses

Introduction to Clinical Issues
BIOL 3921-GL

To expose students considering a career in the medical professions to issues and realities of the medical professions. To prepare students for practicum experience in clinical settings. (1 credit)

Hallsville High School

616 Cal Young Lane
Hallsville, TX  75650
Lynn Henderson
903-668-5990 x4011

Fall 2015 Courses

ECON2103- HL and HV

An introduction to the nature and theory of Economics and the theoretical tools of macroeconomics. The course includes the introduction of supply and demand, examination of national income accounting, the role of government to include fiscal and monetary policy, the American banking system, and international trade. (3 credits)

English Composition I
ENGL 1013-HV

A study of rhetoric and effective writing processes. Emphasis on expository and evaluative writing. (3 credits)

College Algebra with Applications
MATH 1203-HL and HV

A study of linear and quadratic equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and linear inequalities with emphasis on business applications. (3 credits) Prerequisite:  MATH1123 or equivalent

U.S. Government
POLS 2603-HL

The constitution and structure of the United States government will be emphasized. In addition, forces that impact the federal government's operation will also be evaluated including the role of the media, the economy, and its global relations. (3 credits)

McKinney National Airport

1500 Industrial Blvd., Suite 225, 226
McKinney, TX  75070
Tyler McLaughlin


Fall 2015 Courses

Flight Science I (Private Ground School)

A study of the basics in flight, including aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weight and balance, charts, navigation, flight planning, regulations, and weather. Successful completion of the course completes requirements to take the Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Knowledge exam. See attachment for more information. (3 credits)


Pine Tree High School

900 Northwest Drive
Longview, TX  75608
Bill Irvine
903-295-5031 x205


Fall 2015 Courses

Introduction to Clinical Issues

To expose students considering a career in the medical professions to issues and realities of the medical professions. To prepare students for practicum experience in clinical settings. (1 credit)

Human Growth and Development

This course involves the study of biopsychosocial and spiritual aspects of development from birth to death. Through the examination of various theories and research, this course will allow students to experience a greater understanding of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development through the lifespan. (3 credits)


Southwest Christian School

7001 Benbrook Lake Dr.
Fort Worth, TX  76123
Travis Crow

Fall 2015 Courses

Introduction to Environmental Science
ENVT 1114-SC

A concepts oriented course for non-science majors, is a survey of physical, biological, and social processes affecting the environment and exploration of current environmental issues. Topics include principles for understanding the environment; population and community dynamics; biodiversity of species and landscapes; conservation, remediation, and restoration ecology; water, air and soil quality; and environmental issues, policies and laws. (3 credits)

Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 1113-SC

A basic beginning semester course for students with no previous study of Chinese. Emphasis on speaking, writing, reading, and listening, as the basis for the development of all three Communication Modes (Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational). Chinese cultures will be introduced through a variety of texts, including readings, music, art, and film. (3 credits)

Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 2113-SC

For students with the equivalent of two semester of previous study of Chinese. An intermediate language and culture class that aims to consolidate and expand the skills of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. Includes a comprehensive review of the grammar and reinforces linguistic acquisition through texts, movies, art and multimedia projects to acquaint students with cultural issues relevant to the Chinese-speaking world. Prerequisite: Elementary Chinese II (CHIN 1123) or equivalent. (3 credits)

American History to 1865

A general survey of the establishment and growth of the American nation from the colonial period to the end of the Civil War. Covers the social, political, economic, and cultural life of the new nation, giving particular stress to the reasons behind the near dissolution of the Union. (3 credits)

St. Mary's
Catholic School

St. Mary's Catholic School

405 Hollybrook Dr.
Longview, TX  75605
Laurie Kubicek

Fall 2015 Courses

English Composition I
ENGL 1013-ST

A study of rhetoric and effective writing processes. Emphasis on expository and evaluative writing. (3 credits

Physical Science
PHYS 1014-ST  

This course provides a survey of chemistry, physics, meteorology, and astronomy. Some of the major topics covered are laws of motion, energy, work, atomic and molecular structure, chemical equations and calculations, gas laws, acid-base and redox reactions, atmospheric structure, weather systems, solar system, stars and galaxies, and theories of origins. (3 credits)

 Introduction To Speech Communication
COMM 1113-ST 

A study of basic oral communication principles, including verbal and nonverbal language, listening, group dynamics, and public speaking. Emphasis is upon application of these principles in the sending and receiving of different types of oral discourse. (3 credits)

LeTourneau University (Main Campus)

2100 S. Mobberly Ave.
Longview, TX  75602
Sharleen Hunt

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Courses

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Sharleen Hunt

Summer 2015 Full Semester Courses (5/11/15-8/23/15)

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Summer STEM Academy 2015 (6/29-8/16/15)

English Composition I With Writing Lab

A study of effective writing, reading, and speaking. Emphasis is on effective personal and expository writing. For students whose placement scores indicate a need for additional and more individualized instruction in preparation for more advanced course work. This course includes a required lab component. (4 credits)

Elementary Statistics

An introductory treatment of research statistics. Included are frequency distribution, graphic representation, correlation, sampling theory, probability, and statistical hypotheses. Not applicable to graduation requirements in mathematics or engineering. Prerequisite: MATH 1123 or equivalent. (3 credits)


A study of polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and rational functions, systems of equations and inequalities, sequences, series, and analytic geometry, including a review of algebra. Prerequisite: MATH 1123 or equivalent. (3 credits)

Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 Online Courses

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