Home School Symposium FAQ

Check out the following frequently asked questions to find out more about LETU's 2013 Home School Symposium. Have questions that don't show up on this list? Contact Grant Bridgman, at Grant Bridgman or (903) 233-4336

Q: What’s the weather like in Longview in June?
A: The average low temp is 74 with the average high temp in the 93 degree range. Summer showers come and go, so an umbrella is often handy.

Q: What should I bring to wear?
A: Casual and comfortable! Students and families are welcome to wear shorts and T-shirts. (Fair Warning: We Texans sometimes tend to crank down the thermostats in campus buildings, so bring a light sweatshirt if you chill off easily.)

Q: As a student participant, how much money will I need to bring?
A: After the $100 resource fee,  your room and all of your meals are taken care of. That said, you may want to bring a little extra if you need a soft drink fix in the afternoons or if you want to purchase some additional LETU gear.

Q: The schedule looks very full. Will I have time to go from one campus building to the next for sessions?
A: The LETU campus is well designed and easily walkable from one building to the other, including the dining hall and residence halls.

Q: Do I need to bring a laptop or note taking materials?
A: Great idea - you'll receive handouts and electronic notes at most of the sessions, and WiFi is available throughout campus.

Q: Do I need special clothing for the Community Service Project?
A: Definitely bring something you don’t mind getting dirty or even a splash of paint on from the project.

Q: Are there laundry facilities available in the residence halls for use during our stay?
A: Yes, you and your family are welcome to utilize the washers and dryers available in the residence halls for 75 cents per load. Be sure to bring your own detergent.

Q: If my family comes and stays in the residence hall, will I stay with them or in a separate residence hall?
A: Totally up to you. You can stay with the fam, or you can opt to be housed with a roommate who is also attending the symposium. Who knows? You may end up being LETU roommates!

Q: What happens if I need medical attention?
A: There is a clinic located directly across the street from the campus. Additionally, there are two large hospitals nearby in Longview equipped for any emergency.