Aeronautical Science Alumni

LETU Alumni in Military Aviation

Whether it’s piloting the next generation of fighter jet, transporting dignitaries around the globe, or providing air support to U.S. troops overseas, LeTourneau graduates are using their flight skills in the service of their country. A career of flying around the world in military uniform can start with an LETU bachelor’s degree. Our B.S. in professional flight with a military concentration prepares students for top-notch performance in military flight school. Read about opportunities some of our graduates have found in the Air Force, Navy and Marines.

LETU Alumni in Missionary Aviation

Our bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science with a mission aviation concentration prepares graduates for a career in mission aviation. Our high quality maintenance and pilot training programs have a proven track record of preparing pilots and mechanics for the challenges associated with mission aviation. LETU graduates are serving in mission organizations around the globe in places like Papua New Guinea, Gabon, Indonesia and more. Their most recent passengers may have been a missionary on his or her way to a remote village, someone in need of medical help or even a crate of chickens. Find out how LeTourneau graduates are putting their education and skills to work with missionary and humanitarian organizations around the world.